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Lagniappe September 20, 2020

This year continues to be a dumpster fire, but we must go on!

* Ruth Bader Ginsburg died yesterday. She was a great woman who will be missed.

* My writing classes are going well. I'm learning a lot and doing tons of writing, some of it pretty good and some of it terrible. I rewrite the terrible stuff and make it better, I hope.

* I've had a couple of items published on Medium recently. Here are the links. Bring Them to the Feet of Jesus and Living with Chronic Fatigue.

* Have you voted yet? Early voting has started in Wisconsin. Patrick and I got our ballots and I'll be taking them to City Hall tomorrow morning.

* Patrick and I have taken to doing our cooking for the week on the weekend. Last weekend I had a migraine and Patrick had to do all the shopping and cooking. This week, I felt well and did most of the cooking. Patrick packed his own lunches, though. We're getting a system going and it really works well for weeknights when Patrick is too tired to cook and I have a migraine.

* One of my "foster" kids is quarantined because of Covid-19. She gets tested tomorrow, but since she's been exposed, she's stuck at home for two weeks. What a mess.

* I'm finally taking the plunge and getting my hair done on Friday. The salon takes all the necessary precautions plus some, so it's as safe as it could be to get a cut and color. I hardly go anywhere these days, so it will be a treat to be with other humans, even behind a mask!

* I'm scheduled to work at the food bank tomorrow. Here's praying that I have another migraine-free day!!

How's everything with you?!


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