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Migraine Guilt Redux

I posted yesterday about migraine guilt and said that it was a useless emotion and that we need to get rid of it. And guess who brought me back to reality? My own kid! Here's what they emailed me this morning:

I don't find it a good approach to think of any emotion as "useless". It seems to cause, ironically, more guilt. It makes it really hard to move past guilt if you're feeling guilty for feeling it in the first place?

This is the child whom I tried to teach to "feel your feelings" and now they're having to tell it back to me.

So, let's start over. Migraine guilt is real and sucks. But, feel your feelings. They are real and neutral - not good or bad. Feel them. Analyze them. Move on.

"Take every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ". Don't let the feelings take over your thoughts. You still control what you think and how you act.

And, remember, walk with Jesus. He's right there and ready to share all the hard stuff. Like the guilt.


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