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Migraine Vacation

Last week, I did a three day course of dihydroergotamine, a medication that has to be given as an intramuscular injection and taken with something to counter nausea. I learned to give myself the injections - it actually wasn't bad at all - and kept to an every eight hour schedule. I finished them on Thursday. Since Friday, I haven't had significant headache and I've felt pretty well for the last two days! My headache pain levels have been 1-2/10 for the most part! A migraine vacation!!

This hasn't happened in a couple of years! Part of me wants to do all of the things! And, I have been more productive than usual. I wrote a bunch this morning as well as blocking some knitting and walking a mile. But, I'm deliberately resting now because I know that physical exertion can trigger migraines along with the bad weather that's coming tomorrow. Nonetheless, I'm thanking God for the relief that I have in this moment right now!!

Life isn't perfect. I've had terrible sleep for the last couple of nights. I've been fighting taking naps late in the day so I'll sleep at night but then not sleeping at night. What's that all about?! And I've been having a fibromyalgia flare that required taking some Tylenol. And I'm not completely headache-free. Occasionally, I'll get about 30 minutes of headache up at around a 6/10, but I sit and rest and it goes back down to a 1-2/10 without medication. This is great since the usual medications that I would use to break a bad migraine didn't work this time around.

We can't do the DHE very often, but knowing that it's there in my arsenal for intractable migraine is truly a blessing. Thank you, Lord!!


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