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Writing While Insomniac

I should be sleeping, but I've tried to tell my body that and it's not listening. The reason that my body isn't listening is that I'm halfway through a ten day course of olanzapine for a ten day right sided migraine, or at least a really bad headache that might be a migraine. I think the olanzapine has finally started to work. I only have swollen ankles, a super-dry mouth, hunger, and insomnia to go with it. Actually, though, if it breaks the headache it will be worth it. I know how to manage my usual headache/migraine pattern.

Things are a little strange around here. This should have been the week of the County Fair. Instead, they are having some kind of livestock exhibition for kids, but no Midway or other big buildings full of exhibits. On one hand, that's kind of nice because it's going to be hot and humid all week, but on the other hand, we all love the Fair and it marks the week before school.

And, school. Ah, that has everyone stressed out. Ya'll, pray for the teachers, the kids, and the parents. Nobody is happy about anything. But, the adults are really trying to make the best of a bad situation and keep good attitudes to help the kids keep positive attitudes. It's all going to be good, but they might have a bit of a rough start.

I have been working on writing a memoir about my journey through chronic membrane with faith. The first draft is about written. I've got 80K words down. Now I need to rewrite it! I've got the skeleton there, but now it needs lots of expansion in some areas and serious paring down in others. I feel good about getting these ideas, thoughts, and feelings down "on paper" (I use my computer). I'm taking advantage of some writing groups online and trying to absorb as much of the how-to of writing as I can.

My current knitting project is a cabled scarf with intricate charting, but I love doing it while listening to audiobooks. Right now, I'm on Devil's Brood, Book 3 of the Plantagenet series by Sharon Penman.

I also made 2 cat caves for Lydia's new cat. He likes to get into hidey holes. Lydia found the pattern for me, so I bought some yarn and made the caves for them. I've got one picture before felting and one picture after felting.

I hope to blog at the end of the Republican National Convention. We'll see how things go. Have a great week!!


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