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Quarantine Diary August 11, 2020

And the pandemic continues! If everyone would wear masks and social distance, we could have this thing controlled by October, according to some of the CDC epidemiologists. Alas, not everyone is on board with that plan, so we're stuck with Covid-19 for the foreseeable future.

I started volunteering for our local food bank yesterday. I met some great people and learned how the food distribution mechanism works. It's apparently a good bit more complicated because of the pandemic, but the food gets distributed just the same. I'll get put on the schedule to work once a month or more as they need me. I made sure the director knows that I'm quite unreliable because of my chronic migraine, but he's getting extra volunteers so they can be a bit flexible. And, since I don't have a job, I can come in on short notice at other times. All that it so say that I'm getting out and about some. But, fully masked, of course.

Because of yesterday's physically and emotionally busy morning, I ended up not doing much yesterday afternoon and taking a five hour nap today. This chronic illness fatigue is kicking my butt. I had hoped to do laundry today, but it will wait till tomorrow. I'm not completely out of undies yet.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden announced that his running mate will be Kamala Harris. I think he's made a good pick, and not just because she's Black and has Indian heritage. She has good credentials and has a good record in the Senate. I've already made a donation to the campaign and will probably order a yard sign soon.

Here are a few book and movie/TV series reviews for you:

Warrior Nun (Netflix) - This fantasy series has a good premise and got off to a good start, but the ending, well, it didn't really end. Patrick and I don't recommend it.

The Medici's (Netflix) - There are three seasons to this series about the Medici family of Florence during the Italian Renaissance. It's not completely historical, of course, but it does hit the high points. It's well done, well acted, and the scenery and costumes are lush. Worth watching.

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix) - You really need to watch Season 1 before you attempt Season 2. Even then, some things are a little confusing. Well, maybe a lot confusing. And I couldn't knit while we watched it. I had to pay attention. But, it's good. And the ending was a real ending, but with a hook for a potential Season 3.

World of Dance (NBC) - I don't know if you can watch the previous episodes of this streaming or not. The finals are tomorrow night on NBC. Patrick and I really enjoy this competition show with J. Lo, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo as the judges. It's just fun.

The Speed Cubers (Netflix) - This is a movie on Netflix. I expected to just learn about the nerds who solve Rubik's cubes super fast, but they actually follow 2 cubers and there is a heart-warming storyline. But, they don't make it too sweet and heavy handed. It's just nice. Totally worth the 45 minutes.

The Politician (Netflix) - I'm a sucker for anything with Ben Platt these days, but the 2 Seasons of this series are so good. And, Ben Platt sings in a couple of episodes! The first series takes place in high school and the second season takes place after high school when Platt's character runs for New York state senate.

Hanna (Prime) - Season 2 recently dropped. We had watched Season 1 last year and enjoyed Season 2. The characters take on dimension and the ending leaves a hook for another season.

Upload (Prime) - The premise of this story is that people can upload their consciousness into a digital afterlife instead of dying. Of course, there are high-end afterlives for rich people and lower-end afterlives for poorer people. And a mystery to be solved. The first season was promising and there is plenty more for a second season to explore.

Make Russia Great Again by Christopher Buckley - This satirical novel is told from the point of view of another of President Trump's Chiefs of Staff. The premise is that the US accidentally hacks Russia's election and chaos ensues. I listened to the audio. It wasn't very long and it was pretty funny.

When Christ and his Saints Slept by Sharon Kay Penman - This is a novel of the Plantagenets that covers from the death of Henry I through the reign of Stephen to the beginning of the reign of Henry II. The narrator isn't the greatest, but I got over that pretty quickly. The book is otherwise really good and I'm listening to the next one in the series right now.

I finished the two shawls that I was making for Jenna, Christopher's fiancee. I did one with a brighter blue because the navy blue yarn was so late coming in. Then, when the wedding got put off till next year, I went ahead and made a shawl with a different pattern with the navy blue yarn. Now, she can decide which shawl she wants to wear for her wedding.

I have one more shawl that is finished that needs blocking and a scarf on the needles that will need blocking. I might go ahead and block the shawl because the scarf is all cables and probably needs steam blocking instead of wet blocking.

Patrick has been staining the deck the last few days. I'll be out doing some weeding tomorrow since Patrick got me one of the "Grandfather's weeders" that lets me pull out weeds without having to get on my hands and knees.

Patrick is getting ready for the new school year, but it's strange that we're not getting ready for the county fair or college football. And Patrick is having to get ready for a difficult school year. We're going a lot of praying, including for a safe and efficacious vaccine to be available soon.

If you have the opportunity and financial means, remember that people are out of work or working less because of the pandemic, so consider charitable donations. Google Charity Navigator to get information about which are the most reputable charities in your area so you know you are investing your money wisely. And if you are short on cash, you can always give time. Remember, love God, love others! That's why we're here on earth.

How's life in your little corner of quarantine heaven?


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