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Chronic Illness Vagaries

I feel like Loki at the end of that video clip. Although no one is claiming that I said I was a god! I called my doctor on Thursday about my persistent headache issues. He put me on a high dose steroid taper - yay! Then I had the migraine from hell on Friday and I ended up in the Emergency Department where I was able to get relief without narcotics - yay!

But, I still didn't feel much better yesterday (Saturday). The pain was better (not gone, of course), but I was depressed and tired and generally feeling icky. That would be because we had one hell of a storm headed our way. When all was said and done, we were out of power, the temperature had dropped at least 20F, and my mother-in-law was here because a tree had fallen on the other side of her duplex.

Despite the decadron, I managed to sleep during the evening and then through the night. I woke up at 8am to find out that we had power again! My headache has been better today but I've still been sad and feeling kind of dizzy. Lydia came over to get a shower because they have not power in Stevens Point and they haven't had a shower since the 90+F degrees yesterday. My mother-in-law, though, got to go home because she has power and was told that her side of the duplex is structurally undamaged.

A shower has helped me tremendously. Thankfully, my mother-in-law and husband worked on the dishes last night, so the kitchen isn't too scary. When I recover from my shower (yes, it's that bad), I'll make some spaghetti with zoodles for dinner. All will be well. Well, better. And, the decadron won't last forever.

I'm so grateful that we had essentially no damage here. There have been no fatalities in the area, but there has been tons of tree damage. Please pray for those involved.

Chronic illness has so many facets, and outside events like weather can really mess with us. I've become acquainted with a man on Twitter with erythromelalgia, an illness that causes redness and pain in the extremities which is much worse in the heat. He's having a terrible time this summer. Pray for him, too.

It feels sometimes like Hulk is just throwing me from one side to another. Pain, depression, dizziness, fatigue. It's just part of life with chronic illness. How do we manage? Sometimes, it takes a good cry. Often a hug or two. And then pick up and move on. Slowly and surely.

Of course, for me, I'm reminded again about Jesus' love for me. Today's lectionary Gospel reading is the story of Mary and Martha where Jesus reminds Martha that Mary's sitting at the feet of Jesus is acceptable worship. Chronic illness slows me down and reminds me of what I do have - my sweet family, the love of the Savior, and even more.

Chronic illness sucks, but God is good.


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