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Open Borders?

Are those of us who are calling for changes at the southern border calling for open borders? It seems like every time Trump tweets about Democrats, he's saying that they want "open borders". Is that really true?

I can't speak for everyone (and I'm not even a registered Democrat), but disagreeing with the President does not mean that someone wants open borders. It is absolutely possible to believe that this country can have border security without holding asylum seekers in detention centers, separated from family without basic hygiene needs being met. It's possible to want an increased number of refugees coming to this country without wanting to open our borders to every possible refugee. And we can be opening and welcome to immigrants while screening out criminals and terrorists.

To get you started reading about what kinds of policies some Democrats might want regarding border security, start here with Senator Elizabeth Warren's policy. It's a fair and welcoming policy that would allow for reasonable immigration without the cruelty that our current administration seems to favor. Yet, it does not allow for "open borders".

Many people would rather be in our country than in their current country and that's not practically possible. But, we can and should be welcoming to those who are in need - i.e. refugees and those requesting asylum. Let's call and let our representatives and senators know what kind of border policies we want.


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