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My First Pride Event!

Today I went to my first Pride event, the Stevens Point Pride Fest! Patrick and I met Lydia for lunch and then met Jenna, Chris's fiancee at the event. There were a couple of people there that I knew, and Lydia introduced me to a few of her friends. And, I became an official "Mom hugger"! I got to officially give out "Mom hugs" or handshakes or high fives or fist bumps to anyone who wanted them.

Here is a link to the Stevens Point Journal write-up of the event. It explains why, for such a liberal city, this is the first Pride event in Stevens Point for a number of years. Speaking of which, I got to meet Amy, the Central Wisconsin Equality Chairperson, who was the primary organizer of the event. They are a delightful person who did a great job getting the park, music, media, and resources all put together.

Enjoy the pictures and get thee to a Pride event in your area!


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