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When You Are Somewhere, Be There

"When you are somewhere, be there!"

That was one of my dad's favorite sayings when I was growing up. And I needed to hear it. I'm a planner and anticipater (and worrier), so I try to live in the future. Right now, I'm thinking about and planning for going to camp tomorrow!!

Our family has been going to Fort Wilderness Family Camp in the Northwoods of Wisconsin for the last 16 summers! When I was growing up down South, we sent the kids away to camp so the adults could have some chill time alone. But, up here, we all go to camp together. And we love it!! (Plus, when the kids were younger, we would send them for a week of kids or youth camp, too. Bonus if we could send them the same week!)

I've been trying to be somewhat more "present" this week and not so worried about planning details. Sadly, I think that means that I might be pretty busy tomorrow morning when I'm packing!! LOL!

I have learned some tricks to make packing easier. All the linens and towels for camp are packed in a box that is labeled and down in the basement. The bug spray, fire starter, and other "camp-like" things are also in a couple of smaller boxes in the basement. A little extra work after camp last year means that I just need to find the boxes and put them in the truck. It also means less worry.

Tomorrow morning's jobs are finishing the laundry and packing the clothes and toiletries, packing the games we're taking (and it's supposed to rain, so we need indoor and outdoor games), getting the lawn chairs loaded, and making sure we have plenty of blankets. It's supposed to be a cool week.

I always make sure I have a couple of knitting projects - an easy one to work on during the Bible study sessions, and a more challenging one that uses my brain. I also bring books and journals. God has taught me some important things at camp. (I'm not feeling particularly in need of hearing the audible voice of God this year, but sometimes, He surprises me!)

The Northwoods is the perfect place to practice presence or mindfulness. Even when camp is full, the sounds are still muffled and it's peaceful. I love to sit outside our cabin in one of the adirondack chairs or the swing and work on my knitting or read a book. Hiking down by the lake is another favorite pastime. I tend to like to have destinations for my hikes, but the scenery makes me slow down and ponder each step and be there with God and nature.

The first couple of years at camp, we were a young and energetic family and we signed up for every activity. Not so much now! Lydia and I might do a craft or a nature class. We definitely take lots of walks. Patrick and I like to sign up for the boat rides to see the loons. But, we spend a lot of time just sitting and being.

My one goal this week is that I get better at being present. When I come home from camp, I'd like to feel that I'm better at "When you are somewhere, be there." I'll let you know how I do.

What do you think?


P.S. Light posting this week. Maybe some pictures on Facebook. Maybe a post on here with picturesl

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