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Lagniappe - May the Fourth, 2019

Well, it has been a week!

* I had a migraine for over a week. That was fun - NOT! It peaked on Monday afternoon so Patrick and I spent a few hours in the Emergency Department getting a cocktail of medications. Thankfully, the local hospital is pretty efficient and I was in and out quickly. And, the headache got bad just after school, so Patrick didn't have to miss work! So nice!

* After two more days of misery, I finally broke down and got some steroids to break the migraine. Unfortunately, it was Thursday, the day of Christopher's band concert. I was putting on my makeup when the pain and nausea just hit too hard and there was no time to get the meds in. I started the steroids that night, but still missed the concert.

* In all of this, my depression hasn't gotten worse. I mean, I don't have a really great mood when my pain level is hovering around a 7 or 8, but when the pain is down, I actually feel tolerably well.

* I'm also stuck between migraine hangover and prednisone energy. I want to do stuff, but I'm still pretty exhausted from all the pain. Eventually the energy will win. I hope.

* Last night, Patrick and I watched Avengers:Infinity War in preparations for today!

* Today was the big day!! We went out for Chinese food then saw Avengers:Endgame in the movie theater! It was wonderful. I did have a headache my the end because of the loud sound, but it went away afterwards.

* And then, Patrick and I went on a grocery date! Since we ate so many leftovers and take out this week (migraine, etc.), we didn't have much to buy. We used to do grocery dates all the time to get rid of the kids. What I forgot about grocery shopping with Patrick is that he doesn't know how to grocery shop. He doesn't realize that you have to go counter-clockwise around the store. Now that we're mostly keto, I don't even go down all the aisles. Of course, this week, they have completely rearranged the aisles, so I have relearn them. My sweet husband never knew them in the first place, so he always goes down all the aisles to see what is there. He did manage to find the Hagen Daas ice cream, though - LOL!

* I've been reading through the Outlander series of books. I'm on the last one of the main series. I got a free trial of Starz to see if I wanted to watch the series (decided not to) but I did like hearing the accents. When I got to this last book, I decided to use my Audible monthly credit to buy it (about a zillion hours) and I'm so glad I did!! I love the accents which are so hard to get right in my head.

* And, for my knitting friends. I'll post a picture when I'm done, but I'm making a knitted version of the crocheted dragonscale mitts. I bought a pattern, but it was knit flat and the scales were knit individually and then sewn on!! Really! So, I've turned it into knitting in the round and rewritten the scale so that it can be knit while on the mitt instead of having to be sewn on. Hopefully, I can finish it in a week or two because Jenna wants a pair. And, of course, Lydia does too.

* On Wednesday, my youngest turned 21 years old!! It is still just mind-boggling to remember a time when he was so small and helpless yet now he's a grown and almost independent man! Happy Birthday, Chris!!

* And I've prednisone insomnia. I slept terribly last night and I'm not tired at 10:20pm despite a full day and all my sleep meds. I guess I'll get a lot of knitting done!


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