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Easter Lagniappe

So here's just some random stuff on this Easter Sunday.

Today, I'm thankful for Spring, antidepressants, and Jesus - not necessarily in that order. I'm back up to 100mg of amitriptyline and I feel almost normal. Mostly, I'm more tired than I'd like, but I think that will get better as my body gets back used to the medication again. So, this morning, I got out of bed after hitting the snooze just a couple of times. Yes, I should have gotten out of bed first thing, but it was 8am and we had been up till midnight watching Saturday Night Live like a couple of crazy college kids. With our 23 year old daughter which is most definitely NOT like a couple of crazy college kids!

This morning was our first Easter service at our new church. I kind of miss the performance and pageantry of the Evangelical world, but I really enjoyed the liturgy of today's service. And you certainly can't say that it was a staid or boring service - our pastor gets very excited about Easter! And we had communion, which I always love. Oh, and I bought an azalea plant for the front of the church, so I got to bring it home. I'm glad they offered a variety of plants because the lilies are toxic to cats and I don't think the azaleas are. (Surprisingly, the cats haven't even tried to eat the azalea, yet. Not sure why.)

Patrick and I went to the Good Friday service at our church which was actually a combined service between our church and a local United Church of Christ (and it was still a small service). It was very somber as would be expected. The church has separate black material for hanging on the cross and the pulpit (which was replaced with white for today). It was a very thoughtful service. There was also a Thursday evening service, but we didn't go to that because I had a migraine on Thursday night. Bummer.

I'm loving springtime. It's in the 70s today so I took a nice long walk (1.15 miles). We also are saving our Easter ham to eat for dinners this week and are grilling for our Easter dinner. The weather this week was so awful with chilly temps and storms (and the accompanying headaches) that we're taking every advantage of these lovely temperatures. Of course, it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Another good reason to walk today.

Easter means Easter candy. I've been on a ketogenic diet which means that I eat very few carbohydrates. Except that there have been Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs in the house. And I am no longer in ketosis. So, I start my keto journey again tomorrow morning. After all the Reese's are gone. I may have lots of self-control about some things (i.e. the things that got me through medical school), but I have zero control around chocolate, particularly Reese's peanut butter cups or eggs. Sigh.

So, how was your Easter? I hope you had a great celebration and wonderful time with friends and family!


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