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A Tale of Two Kitties

You see that cat in the picture above? Her name is Rhapsody. And she is a naughty cat. She may look cute, but she is bad. Very bad. I love her very much, but she is a Bad Cat! You see, this morning, I put her in her cardboard cat carrier to take her to the vet. In the three minutes it took me to go to the bathroom, she managed to escape - while leaving the box completely intact.

I caught her and almost got her back into the box before she escaped again and ran to the basement. In the basement, she jumped into the old cistern where she knew that I can't get at her. As I said, bad cat. I'll show her, though. I rescheduled her appointment for next week.

You see this cat? Her name is Rory and she is a slightly bad cat. I love her, too, although she is technically Christopher's cat. She doesn't like to be put into her carrier, but once she was there, she didn't want to come out. She cried the entire way to the vet's office, thankfully only a 5 minute drive. Once at the vet's office, she was at least well-behaved, although she had to be pulled out of the carrier.

What would I do without my sweet little fur friends? Rory sits in my lap for part of every day and purrs. Rhapsody likes it when I play with her. They keep me entertained in their crazy way.

Do you have pets? What are they like for you?


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