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Lagniappe Links May 7, 2018

Here are some great links that I found this week on the internet:

* What's it like to grow up expecting the Rapture every moment? This man can tell you.

* Only in Florida . . .

* Umm, relieving your bowels on the rival team's football field?

* Three black girls were racially harassed in a NASA competition. People are gross.

* More racism. Two Native American young men were questioned by campus police on a campus tour after a parent complained at CSU.

* The tests that they gave the men who wanted to be Mercury Astronauts. These are wicked hard. Except the analogies. I did well on those.

* How many spaces between sentences? Science knows.

* John McCain on his ranch, recovering from surgery, writing his book.

Find anything interesting on your web travels this week?


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