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Book Review - Still Evangelical

Book Review

Still Evangelical: Insiders Consider Political, Social, and Theological Meaning

Ed. Mark Labberton

Still Evangelical is a collection of eleven essays from writers across the evangelical spectrum. They range from Shane Claiborne of The Simple Way to Jim Daly of Focus on the Family.

Evangelicalism has taken a beating in the public eye recently. After the election of Donald Trump, many people questioned the role of evangelicals in politics. Others have wondered about our role in the immigration debate with the recent “Muslim Ban” and southern border wall. And then there are the perpetual issues with evangelicals refusing service to LGBT brothers and sisters. And we get asked if we are still evangelical. And why.

The essays in this book covered a spectrum of issues facing the church today. There were essays about racial justice, immigration, Latinx community, and the global church. I particularly enjoyed Shane Claiborne’s “Evangelicalism Must Be Born Again” and Tom Lin’s “Hope for the Next Generation.”

But, my favorite part of the entire book is this paragraph from Karen Swallow Prior’s essay: “Soul freedom is hard. It exacts a great price. Sometimes its toll is deadly. Instead of one human authority over all, we choose instead the individual conscience submitted to the Word and to the Holy Spirit, guided by a community of saints. The price of that freedom is dear, and it is hard. But I believe this is exactly what the call of Christ is for each of us as we work out our salvation in fear and trembling. And, ultimately that is why I am evangelical.”


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