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Ramblings April 12, 2018

* I am back home in Wisconsin!! Just in time for a massive winter storm!

* I treated myself yesterday to a pedicure while waiting on the airport concourse in Atlanta. I could never understand having a spa in an airport. Now I do. And I have sparkly silver toenails!

* My cats have had mixed reactions to my return. Rory made sure that she had plenty of lap time with me today. Rhapsody has been stand-off-ish, but that's typical for her.

* Today's library trip netted me 5 more books that I have requested over the last week. I won't be bored during this winter storm.

* While I was in the airport spa, I sat for a good 45 minutes to an hour in a massage chair, which I loved at the time. Unfortunately, my back feels downright bruised because of the pounding of that chair. My fibromyalgia makes even normal sensations painful sometimes. Blah.

* I realized that my migraines while I was in Georgia may have been worse than usual because I was drinking Diet Pepsi which has aspartame. I cut back to just water. My Dad loves Diet Pepsi and has one a day (OK, sometimes he cheats and has two). He also has been getting headaches over the last few years. I researched and found that Diet Coke with Splenda doesn't have Nutrasweet, but I had to order it from Amazon because I couldn't find it locally for him. We'll see if a few weeks without the aspartame does his head any good.

* Today was tornado drill day! The siren went off, the fire trucks went by, the school kids hunkered down in the hallways! I sat in my chair and read my book. But, it was a good reminder that spring storms are coming and we need to make sure we know where to go in the event of a tornado. Do you have a safety plan?

That's what's up with me! What about you?


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