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Migraine Dreams and Stranger Things

I napped for a couple of hours this afternoon. I had taken some meds to prevent a migraine and got pretty tired. I woke up a little and my head started to pound more, so I rolled over and went to sleep and dreamed.

I was walking into a medical conference where I only knew a few people, pretty typical for most conferences. One woman I knew came up to me though, very upset, and asked me if I had heard about a mutual acquaintance. I had not. She told me that this acquaintance had committed suicide upstairs. In her talking so fast, she kept saying that "It was the migraines; It was the migraines!"

As I ran upstairs to see this acquaintance, I was yelling, "It's killing us! It's killing us!" referring to the migraines. Of course I was quite upset. I don't know whether I got to see her or not.

In the next part of the dream, I was in a large conference room, standing in the corner and all I could do was cry, so I left to go to my hotel room, but the staff was starting to empty the building because there was a fire. And that's the last I remember. I don't know whether the fire had anything to do with the other person's suicide. It was all discombobulated.

I have insomnia tonight, probably because of this disturbing dream.

I've never been suicidal over my chronic migraine or even an individual migraine. But I can completely understand it. And I'm afraid of it. It's why I'm sticking on the keto diet. I will do what it takes to avoid these evil, nasty migraines. They can kill us. Literally.

Don't take chronic migraine disease lightly. It's a real illness. And in rare cases, it can be deadly.


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