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Ramblings and Rants

* Mom has breast cancer. She called me about three weeks ago to tell me. I came down here to Georgia a few days later. I wanted to be here when she talked to the surgeon. She's having a lumpectomy next Friday followed by six weeks of radiation. At some point, she'll see an oncologist about adjunctive treatment. It doesn't appear right now that she needs chemotherapy.

* As you can imagine, stress levels have been high. Actually, it was worse before the doctor's appointment when we just knew the cancer diagnosis, Once we had a plan I felt better, and I think Mom feels better. But, I know Mom is anxious and it's mostly because of the waiting.

*Next week will be better because we have more scheduled appointments and things to do. Mom needs to keep busy.

*Mom has discovered the TV show "The Big Bang Theory". Most evenings, I hear her in the living room laughing her head off as she's going through mail or sorting something while watching BBT. Laughter is good.

*I'm glad my hobbies are portable. While I'm here, I finished knitting some projects for friends in Spain. I just put them in a box and took it to the nearest Mail Store.

*I think I saw more people in the Super WalMart today than live in my whole town. I see the advantages of suburbs like this one, but I do like living out in the sticks in Weyauwega!

*One advantage of this particular suburban area is that they are the location for one of the best hand-dye online stores. Eat, Sleep, Knit carries all the major and many smaller lines of hand-dyed yarn in all weights and many colors. It's always dangerous for me to go in there. This time, I came out with some Madeline Tosh Silky Wool DK to make a t-shirt. To help my planning - I had the pattern picked out. It still wasn't cheap, though.

*I miss my cats. Patrick has to let Rory sit in his lap for a couple of hours in the evening to make up for the fact that I'm not there for any lap time during the day. So, there's distress on both sides.

*I started this because I wasn't sleeping despite the fact that it was 1:15 and I had taken all my nighttime meds. Well, I have since taken another dose of my sleeping medication, spilled water all over the end table and cleaned it up, and written a blog post. I do believe it's time for bed.

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