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It's Been A Rough Week

Let me preface this by saying that it has been a rough week in first world terms. Nobody has died, our house is still standing, and we have plenty of food to eat. That being said, it's been a rough week for someone with chronic migraine whose mental illness issues prefer a nice, quiet life.

* Last Sunday, I woke up with a migraine. This is hardly surprising, but it was Jesi and Steph's wedding day! (Jesi is one of the girls who lived with us for six months while her mom was sick. She still calls me mom.) I couldn't miss the wedding! I took all the meds I could and we did make it to the wedding, which was just beautiful!

* Mom had been having lots of back trouble since the spring. Mom is the primary caretaker to my Dad who has balance issues and my Aunt Chris who is 95 years old. She had a lot of back pain with degenerative disc disease in March and April, so I came and stayed with her when she had surgery in April. But, after a month, her pain came back and it's been even worse over the last month. That has been stressing me out in general.

* Patrick and I have been trying to decide how I could help Mom. She had finally gotten a myelogram scheduled and I realized that she is going to need surgery or some other intervention. In any case, she needs a break from taking care of Dad and Aunt Chris, so Patrick and I decided that I would drive down to Georgia, leaving on Friday.

* Monday morning, before I started my to-do list, the upstairs toilet overflowed. With water dripping into the living room. At least 15 feet away from the upstairs toilet. Sigh. I got towels down on the floor of the bathroom and bowels down to catch most of the water coming out of the ceiling.

* I wasn't actually late to my doctor's appointment which was the one thing that went really well on Monday. My lab numbers looked the same or better than last year (except my thyroid which we're just rechecking). And, my family doc took off an irritated hemangioma since I won't see my dermatologist till after the trip to Georgia.

* The contractor came to look at the ceiling and he said he had no idea how much it was going to cost, but he recommended that I call our insurance company.

* I woke up at 5am on Tuesday morning with a rip-roaring migraine. With lots of medications and a Coke and rest, I finally managed to feel halfway decent by mid to late afternoon.

* Which was good because the insurance agent came by. He said that the insurance would cover a new ceiling, the damage on the wall, and carpet cleaning.

* I'm pretty happy about getting a new ceiling, because the original ceiling in our living room is probably a high 10 or 12 foot ceiling, but now we have a drop ceiling. I'd like to have the high ceiling and put in a couple of ceiling fans with lights.

* Wednesday arrived with a phone call from my mom. She had finally had the myelogram!! Of course, she didn't have immediate results, but the procedure was done. But, she was also calling to say that she wanted me to fly to Georgia for my trip instead of driving so she would worry less. Sigh.

* I bought the airline ticket on Wednesday evening. Turns out that it was probably a good thing.

* I woke with another migraine on Thursday morning, but it was a garden-variety, not-too-bad migraine. I canceled my dentist appointment but still managed to get most of my stuff packed by mid afternoon.

* Patrick's mom, Marilyn, came by the house. She put some little pumpkins on the front porch and brought a bag from the pharmacy into the house. She and I were talking before she went back to the car to get her purse. I was standing by the sliding glass door when I saw someone looking like they were getting out of her car. But, she hadn't brought anyone with her. I realized that the guy was robbing her! I shouted and ran out onto the deck. Marilyn followed. I called 911. Marilyn went the direction that the thief went while I waited on the cop.

* That afternoon was spent talking to the cop, helping Marilyn get her credit cards canceled and finishing my packing.

* Our town has been hit with a spate of robberies lately, but none have been during the day. This was the first. It raised my stress level a bit.

* Friday morning, I woke before my alarm at 3am and was on the plane for take-off before 5:50am.

* Mom has her appointment with her surgeon on Monday and I'm available to drive, which is good because my brother and his family left for their (well-deserved) vacation Saturday morning.

* So, I'm here in Georgia. I've the driver, cook, and cleaner. Hopefully, the surgeon will have some answers for Mom very soon. In the meantime, I hear the grocery store and the kitchen calling.

I hope that this upcoming week is a bit less stressful. Busy is one thing, but overflowing toilets and burgled cars is just going overboard. Any and all prayers would be most appreciated!


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