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Lagniappe - The Back to School Edition

Ah, back to school time! For many years, back to school didn't mean much for our family because we homeschooled. But, for the last four years, Patrick has been teaching and Chris has been going to school, two years in high school and now in his second year of college. So, back to school it is!!

- This year, we have an exchange student, Anna, here for the school year! Anna is from Spain but speaks fluent English because her dad is from England and she visits England regularly. She has been a delight to have in our home for the last two weeks.

- From what I hear, Patrick and Anna both had a good first day at school. Anna had been emailing with a couple of girls from school who also ended up being in her first hour class. Excellent!

- I like having my days back to myself. I didn't even work very hard yesterday, but I got some laundry done and cooked dinner and straightened the living room and it all stayed clean!!

- The weather here has been downright chilly - only into the mid-60s during the day - so I made beef and barley soup yesterday. So comforting!

- I've planned out my fall knitting and I'm only waiting for the yarn to come in. I suppose I should check out where all my needles are. I don't think I have too many projects on needles right now, but you never know . . . .

- Rory (our older cat) is enjoying the quiet. She also likes it when I read so she can lie down on my lap, whether I like it or not. I've been giving her plenty of affection. She's Chris' cat and has noticed that he's not around.

- What's up with two devastating hurricanes in one year?! Well, 2005 was quite a bad year for hurricanes, too. Let's pray that maybe Irma will settle down into just a bad rainstorm. Anyway, plenty of us up in the Great White North have been praying for ya'll in the South as well as giving to reputable relief organizations. What a year!

So, what's been up with you? Any plans for the fall? Have you been affected by Harvey or Irma?


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