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Donald Trump and My Clean Cabinets

Right now, you're wondering what the heck my (very organized) spice cabinet has to do with Donald Trump. I had planned to do lots of cleaning and organizing after the first of the year, like I do every year. Most years, I don't get an awful lot done. Chronic migraine or depression usually gets me before I get to organizing.

This year, though, is different. I had a week or two of "winter blues", but not full blown depression. My meds seem to be working pretty well. But, I've been really anxious because of the political situation. Every time I look at the computer, it seems like the President has done something egregious or one of his spokespeople has said something outlandish. I've purposely limited my time on the computer and only read The Washington Post or CNN (usually The Washington Post). With the extra time, I would normally read or knit, but I've found that physical activity is more helpful for the anxiety, so I've been cleaning and organizing. And having my new Diamond Willow Fungus to keep the headaches in check has really helped!

I came across a blog post yesterday (that I can't find now, otherwise I'd link to it) that also helped explain why I'm cleaning anything that doesn't move out of the way. The post told an anecdote about a man whose mother had died. The day afterward, the man started cleaning his mom's gutters and doing all kinds of handyman things around the house. It wasn't because her house was in terrible shape or because he had been an awful son. In fact, many people clean and organize immediately after a loved one dies. This is a normal and natural response to grief or anger.

In the aftermath of this election, when many of us are grieved, yes, and angry about the election of an amoral man, cleaning and organizing makes sense. It feels like the world around us is spiraling out of control, so we start to work on the things we can control. Mr. Trump may be selecting completely inappropriate people for his cabinet. I call my Senators and then go clean out the pantry. Mr. Trump starts to dismantle the ACA. I figure out a better place for my plastic containers.

There are practical things we can do to oppose the President and his agenda: call Senators and Congressional Representatives, sign White House petitions, leave email messages at, take part in demonstrations. But after that, pray, meditate, hang out with friends and do non-political things, exercise, and clean house.

Keep walking with Jesus. He is our hope, even when the world is spiraling out of control.


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