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Lagniappe - 1/20/2017 Inauguration Edition

* As of noon today, Donald Trump is now President of the United States. I'm not happy about this, but there it is.

* There are, of course, protests of Trump's inauguration. Unfortunately, almost 100 people have been arrested because of violence in D.C.. What the heck?! These don't appear to be random thugs being stupid. These seem to be legitimate protesters. So, why do they think breaking windows is going to help anything? I oppose Donald Trump and many of his ideas, but I (and most who agree with me) do not condone this violence!

* Is Melania Trump reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy or what? I love her dress, but the matching gloves and shoes are a little "1980's bridesmaid" for me. She's going to be a real change from Michelle Obama's down to earth vibe.

* Barron Trump is 10 years old? That kid is tall! But, he seems to be doing OK with today's attention.

* I wasn't impressed with Trump's speech. It sounded like a more educated version of his campaign speeches. It also wasn't a "let's all work together" speech like one would expect during an inauguration.

* Before the swearing-in the Marine Corps band was playing a bunch John Phillip Sousa marches. It brought back lots of memories of my years in high school marching band.

* And then in the parade, all the military services have their different bands playing. I love marching bands!

* I don't envy people who are required to watch the inauguration and the parade. It's chilly and rainy out there. That being said, I live in a place where it gets down below zero and I consider 30+ degrees positively balmy in January!

* Trump has a big family. He's got four kids and something like eight grandkids. Those kids are going to have some great memories of the White House during their childhood (I hope).

What are your thoughts about the inauguration?


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