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Lagniappe 1/6/2017

Lagniappe is a South Louisiana term for "a little something extra". Seeing as how this is Epiphany, the beginning of the Mardi Gras season, I thought it would be a good time to start my Lagniappe posts. These are posts in which I share little snippets of what is going on in Maison Martin these days.

* Christopher is theoretically home for Winter Break, but he is sleeping and working so often that we don't see him all that much. But, we do get more time with him than when he is at school and we cherish that. He and Patrick play video games together, and I spend time with him during the day.

* We put the Christmas decorations away yesterday. The living room area looks much neater and less cluttered, but not quite as festive.

* It's Mardi Gras season!! Since we live in Wisconsin, it's not so easy to get a king cake, but I'll probably make a faux king cake with Nutella filling sometime before Ash Wednesday.

* It's COLD!! Even for Wisconsin, it's cold! The temperatures today barely got above zero. The forecast for the Packer game is 15F. Yikes!!

* My Christmas knitting was ambitious this year, so I'm still finishing some of my projects. I'll photograph them and put them in my knitting gallery when I'm done.

* I woke up at 5:30am with a migraine. I went back to bed at 8:30 after the medications had taken effect. At 11:30, I woke up to Rory, Christopher's cat, walking over me and nudging me awake. No, she wasn't out of food or water. She just wanted attention. Dumb cat. My headache isn't gone, but it's better.

* We're planning to have our bathroom redone because there are some mold issues and the sink doesn't match the rest of the bathroom. I met with the contractor today and gave him a detailed list of what we need done. I may have scared him a bit with the list. What can I say, I'm a details person!

What's up in your world? Anything new and interesting?


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