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Just Tell Them!!

Patrick and I have taken to watching a lot of television since the quarantine started. Even now that he's back at work, we still watch an episode or two at night. We have worked our way through Hanna, Umbrella Academy, The Medicis, The Politician, and the Borgias. We tried to watch Breaking Bad but couldn't get through the second season. We're currently watching Outlander.

Many of these series (as do many books) build tension by having characters keep secrets or hold back information from other characters. This drives me and Patrick crazy!! We quit watching Breaking Bad largely for this reason. Most of the episode was Patrick yelling at the television, "Just tell her!!!!"

Outlander is somewhat the same. The main characters can't tell everyone some very important information but sometimes, the viewer think that the main characters should be more forthcoming. So, tonight, Patrick was, again, yelling at the television, "Just tell her!!!"

We determine how good a TV show is by how often we yell at the characters to "Just tell her!"

What is your TV quirk?


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