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A New Project

I've been a writer ever since high school, even though I didn't really know it. In high school and college, my writing mostly took the guise of papers that had been assigned. Once I got to medical school, I was doing even more writing. In my first and second years of medical school, I worked for the note transcription service. At first you might think we just listened to recordings of lectures and typed them up, but it was really much more than that. The lecturers were usually pretty organized in their presentations, but they could get off-track. Our job as transcriptionists was to make sense of the lectures for our fellow students. I tended to put the notes into an outline format while others used various forms of outlines, lists and narrative.

By my third year of medical school, I was writing chart notes as well as reports for my instructors. When I was in medical practice, I wrote notes all day. When I quit working, I started a blog to document our homeschool journey, but also to vent my emotions and explore my faith journey. I never expected to make writing a vocation, but I'm thinking seriously about it. I've always been a "words" kind of person.

I'm now working on a new and bigger writing project. I'm writing a book. A memoir, to be exact. Patrick has wanted me to write a book since we ran a yarn shop. That book would have been called Paps to Purls, but I never wrote that book. It just wasn't in me.

Now, though, I'm in a place in my spiritual and physical journey that I have a book that needs to come out. The initial title is Cardioversion: My Change of Heart Through Chronic Illness. I have 80,000 words written, but most of it is still rough draft. It needs a lot of work. To that end, I'm taking a memoir class that is one-on-one with UW-Madison Continuing Education. I'm also trying to get involved in a Discord writing group online.

I made my author website today. It is at Feel free to check out what is there. It's not much yet. Eventually, I'll be blogging about faith and migraine issues there and leave my family and knitting stuff here. I'll be cross-posting for a while, though.

Stay tuned! I hope good stuff is on its way!!


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