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Quarantine Diary August 1, 2020

I started writing a memoir about chronic migraine and faith earlier this year. I thought quarantine would be a great time to get a lot of work done since I wouldn't be getting out much. Alas, it was not to be. Apparently, my brain shuts down when the world is falling apart. Normally, I have so much to say and so many words. So many words. But, in the last couple of months, it has been hard for me to get the words in my head out onto the computer screen.

I have been busy with other things, though. I've been having plenty of migraines and regular headaches. They keep me from writing, but I can usually listen to books and knit as long as the pain and nausea aren't too bad. I've knit several shawls this spring and summer and I'm working on a cabled scarf. When they're all blocked and finished, I'll put them in my knitting gallery.

Patrick and I have watched an alarming amount of television. Of course, we've watched Hamilton several times. Who hasn't? And we've watched all of the things about Hamilton on the internet. And listened to all of the Hamilton mash-ups. Basically, it's been tons of Hamilton, most of the time!!

We've also watched a bunch of TV series on cable. Warrior Nun was probably our least favorite, but we've liked The Medicis, The Borgias (Season 1), and Hanna.

We've both been trying to stay busy to keep the pandemic off our minds, but it's hard. The news is all about the pandemic. Facebook is all about the controversy about masks. (Really? What the hell is so hard about wearing a mask?) Patrick's school district is trying to plan to start school in person with appropriate safety measures in place, but the curricula that Patrick uses are very hands-on and are going to be hard to use with those safety measures in place. It's all such a disaster.

The heat and humidity has also made my headaches bad, but we've just had a cold front come through and we're looking forward to a week of cooler than seasonal temperatures!! Yay!!

Lydia got a new cat who is very shy and likes his "cave". Lydia asked me to knit a felted cat cave to put into another room in the house so Grayson (the cat) can have places to hide in rooms other than the bathroom. I ordered the yarn and look forward to having another project to work on. And, such pretty colors!!

Back to writing and knitting. Ya'll hang in there! We'll get through this pandemic and life will go on!


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