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Lagniappe June 27, 2020

* We're at the end of another week, this time the week that we would have been at Family Camp. Camp has posted some pictures on Facebook showing some of the changes that they've made because of the pandemic. And, it doesn't sound like anyone has gotten sick. Nonetheless, I think we made the prudent decision to stay home.

* Lydia had already gotten their vacation approved for this week, so they just spent the week here. But, it wasn't just a week to goof off!! Lydia and Patrick worked together to make the things out of wood that Lydia needed to use to make a book!! Lydia is now a real book binder!

* I'm having a very minor procedure done next week, but it has to be done at the hospital, so I had a Covid-19 test done. Wow. I did not enjoy that at all! I plan to stay at home and never get exposed because I never want to get tested again!!

* I'm about to finish with the third shawl of the year. At least with the knitting. Then I need to block all three of them. I don't think I have towels and pins enough to do all three at once and one of them requires "intensive blocking"! In any case, I'm moving on to working on a Fair Isle sweater that I've been working on intermittently for years and a scarf that looks beautiful but is done with lace-weight yarn (almost like thread). We'll see how those two go!

* Quick movie review - We watched "The Goldfinch" last night on Prime and really enjoyed it. I was concerned about how they would transition such a long and complex book to screen, but they managed to do it quite well. Lydia and Patrick had no idea about the book and they also really enjoyed the movie.

* I'm reading Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi. It's a history of racist ideas and I'm all about social and philosophical history. The only little problem is that after listening to How to be an Antiracist, which the author narrated, I tend to read this book hearing his voice in my head. I'm trying to get over it because the information and writing is much better than Kendi's narration!!

* Guess what? Guess what?! Hamilton is coming to Disney+!! And we already have Disney+ and Hulu, so we can see it! Yay!! Everyone watch it!

I hope you're having a good week despite the pandemic. Try to have some fun every day!


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