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Pandemic Diary March 25

Dr. John Fea, a history professor at Messiah College recommends that people keep some kind of record of what life has been life during the pandemic and quarantine. One of these days, our kids and grandkids are going to ask. It will be interesting to look back and see what we say about it now compares with what we remember.

I've been having a rough few days because of migraine. My emotions are off kilter, so I'm anxious and I want to eat everything, particularly carbs. And I can't exercise my way out of it because the headaches are bad. I have been knitting while listening to books. I'm working on a shawl that is coming right along!

Patrick is teaching math online and trying to make sure to get hold of all of his students. Minh is doing her schoolwork online. The other day, I taught Minh to play the board game, Sequence. I was rewarded by being soundly trounced!! When I feel better, we'll work our way through the whole game closet.

They say it's good to have routine. One routine is that Rhapsody comes in the bedroom to get me up and cuddle with her and then feed her the yummy wet food. Sadly, when I don't feel well, I push her away a couple of times so I can sleep more. But, I do eventually get up.

I come downstairs and go to the bathroom and sometimes go ahead and get my shower right then. Either way, when I open the bathroom door, both cats are sitting right there, waiting for me. They run into the kitchen for me to give them canned food. They don't bother Patrick at all for canned food, even though he's up at 5am. That is a Mama thing!

Tomorrow needs to be a no-migraine day. It's time to do laundry!! Last week, Patrick had to help me finish the laundry because the headaches came on. This week, I think I'll only have a couple of loads.

And, excitement, tomorrow, I'm going to the grocery store!! Generally, I just order my groceries, but there are some things that they have been substituting that just doesn't work well for me. I also would like another package of toilet paper and you can't get those delivered. No one in our house has any cold symptoms, but I'm wearing a cloth mask anyway. It'll keep people 6 feet away if they think I'm Typhoid Mary!!

We are being optimistic around here!! I don't think it's reasonable that life will be at all back to normal by Easter, no matter what the President thinks. But, Chris and Jenna made another payment to their wedding venue. And I sent money to Fort Wilderness for Family Camp. We're taking all our precautions and praying for the best for our family and the country!!

What's up in your house!


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