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Hitting the Wall

I have hit the wall. I have chronic fatigue from chronic migraine, a moderate migraine, extra fatigue from a busy week, and acute bronchitis. And I'm worried about my mom. I'm so done.

Last week on Tuesday, my Aunt Chris developed severe pneumonia from which she would clearly not recover. I went down to Georgia to be with her and my mom. I was able to sit with Aunt Chris so Mom could rest and go see her doctor to get treated for acute bronchitis. Aunt Chris quietly passed from this life on Thursday evening with my mom sitting by her side.

The rest of the week was spent making funeral and travel arrangements and getting the cat to the vet. We drove to Mississippi for the memorial service. On Sunday afternoon, we were at the funeral home for planning. Sunday night, my mom made a visit to the local Emergency Department for more treatment for her bronchitis which included a change in antibiotic and addition of steroids.

The graveside service on Sunday afternoon was lovely. We expected maybe a dozen people, but there were more than twenty! Even four of the California family members came, several of whom I had never met! The service was heartfelt and meaningful, and it was excellent to see so many family members that we are rarely in contact with.

We made it back to Georgia Tuesday afternoon, despite my having a migraine that morning, and Mom and Dad both coughing like the world was ending. I was migrainey Wednesday and Thursday morning, but meds helped me feel well enough to fly home Thursday morning.

Yesterday, Mom's illness wasn't improving, so she was sent by the NP to the local ER where they determined that she had some mild bilateral upper lobe pneumonia. She wasn't sick enough to require admission, but they changed her antibiotic and gave her strict instructions for close follow-up. You see my concern?

I've got the same bronchitis Mom has had, but it hasn't settled into my lungs as firmly. I don't have anything that I have to do for the next few days, though, so I'm using OTC meds and an albuterol inhaler and lots of rest and fluids to try to fight it off.

Chronic migraine tends to make simple things into more of a crisis for me. This last week has been rough. I'm grateful, though, for a husband who is gracious and helps get through these bumps in the road. I'm going to just chill out for the next several days.


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