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Run After Them

You've seen the memes that say something like, "When someone leaves your life, don't run after them. God has something better for you." There are a lot of them.

I got to thinking today that the meme, while giving very general advice, isn't always giving very good advice. Yes, we can all agree that memes are not situation-specific. They are generalized truisms or messages.

But this one rubbed me the wrong way. See, I know a very old woman who has been estranged from her son for over 30 years. They are at an impasse. Neither will contact the other. And I keep thinking, "How sad." I don't know the specifics of the situation. Maybe one of them really is that toxic to the other.

Sometimes, it is the right thing to let someone go. They weren't good for you. The relationship had soured and you're ready to move on.

But, not always. Let's not hesitate to run after the ones that we love and want with us even when they try to leave. Don't let your kid run out the door without a fight. Let's figure out that relationship, talk until the middle of the night, send emails back and forth for months, or even text each other till the channels of communication are back open.

God calls us to love one another, even when it's difficult. We aren't to love every single person who comes in our path; there's not enough of us to go around. And, I don't believe God wants us to stay in abusive relationships.

But, when the person who is trying to leave is someone who have loved for a long time, someone dear to your heart, or someone close to you; then it's time to hold on for dear life. Don't let them run out the door. Grab them by the back of the shirt if you have to. Maybe you need to call or email them if you've got some relationship repair to do.

God calls us to love each other and that can be a hard thing to do. Do the work. Call your friend or family member. Don't let them leave without a fight.

Maybe they'll still leave. And you'll be left to call, email, or text every few months trying to get them back. But, don't stop. Especially if it's your kid. A lifetime is a long time. Love them in whatever way you can.


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