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A New Year, A New . . . What?

So, it's a new year, if anyone noticed. We're out of checkbooks, so I haven't had to write the date yet. My migraines don't seem to have noticed the new year, although I did have my first Botox of the new year this week. I actually had a massive migraine on New Year's Eve. It broke at about 12:15am on New Year's morning. Crazy, huh?

I don't do resolutions anymore. I used to do a word for the year, but I forgot about it after a couple of months, so that doesn't seem really useful. I'm using a new planner called Monk Manual which encourages me too work on a new habit each month. This seems more manageable. This month, I'm working on doing my morning routine every morning that I don't have a migraine. Hopefully, I won't end up showering at three in the afternoon!

As LSU alums, we are looking forward to a great football game this new year!! The National Championship is Monday!! It's Tigers versus Tigers! Clemson versus LSU! And we know who Patrick and Catherine are cheering for!! Geaux Tigers!!

Because of the aforementioned migraines, our Christmas decorations are still up. Blah. I wanted to get them down last weekend, but it didn't happen. We're having a snowstorm this weekend which would be a great time. We'll have to see. I fell on my butt on the ice today which usually leads to a fibromyalgia flare. I'm hoping that pretreating with plenty of muscle relaxers and ibuprofen will keep things pretty calm. It's about time to have my living room back from the holidays.

I'm making a wedding shawl for my soon-to-be daughter-in-law. I thought I had found the yarn I wanted, but I got about 10 rows in to the shawl and it just wasn't working for me. There wasn't enough silk. I want the shawl to be shiny and drapey and you have to have at least 50% silk (or Tencel) to get that. I've taken the last several days, but I finally found the right yarn. Sadly, they don't have it in stock, so it will be several weeks before I get it, but it's fine since the wedding isn't until June.

What will I knit until the yarn for the shawl comes in (because I can't go without a knitting project)? I have been working on a Fair Isle sweater for over five years. I generally only work on it in the spring and summer because I start Christmas knitting in the fall. It's a complex project and I might actually finish it this year or next!

2020 hasn't exactly started with a bang, but, it's got promise. With some prayer and work, I think we'll make it.


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