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Friday Finds

Here are some interesting things around the interwebs this week.

1. Some pro-lifers are actually talking about treating ectopic pregnancy expectantly (watching and waiting). I'm not going to link to their article. Instead, I'm linking to a Vox article explaining why that is absurd. A pregnancy that does not implant in the uterus will NOT progress to term. Any treatment that does not end the pregnancy will not save the life of the mother.

2. Donald Trump is a bad person. He and his administration are doing bad things. But, he may also be unwell.

3. I know we'd all like to forget Dorian-gate, but it's important to remember that federal employees were told to hold up Trump's story about Dorian hitting Alabama or they'd be fired. Crazy.

4. The University of Utah Department of OB/GYN offers premarital exams to women. What? Why? Very 1950s. And unnecessary.

5. America's abortion rate is at it's lowest rate ever. And not because it's illegal.

Have you come across anything interesting?


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