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Blogging Again

Yes, it's been forever (OK, a month) since I blogged. But, I have a multitude of good reasons. Headaches, for one. Of course, that's my opt-out reason for everything. The main reason, though, is Minh!

Minh is our exchange student from Vietnam. She arrived the last week of August, just five days before school started. We only had a few days to get her registered and buy her school supplies before the first day of school. Yep! It's been pretty busy!

Of course, we've also had the usual high school, college, and professional football seasons start. LSU is ranked in the top 5 so far this season!! Just being happy about that takes up a fair amount of time!! And, we've been teaching Minh what it's like to be a Packer fan.

This weekend is Horse and Buggy Days here in Weyauwega. Patrick is going to be demonstrating turning tops on his lathe downtown. With that, the pancake breakfast, and the parade, it's going to be a fun weekend!

Lydia's going to be teaching an adult tap class in Plover starting in a month or so. Lydia's coming here every week until then to help me get my tap skills up so I can take the class. Yesterday was our first day and I'm pretty sore, but it was great fun!

So that's what's up around here. I do have lots of articles and things I want to write about. Now that we're into a routine again, you should notice some semi-regular posting!

What's up in your part of the world?


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