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Friday Finds August 23, 2019

How did it get to be Friday again? I thought we were just here. Anyway, I've got some interesting links to share with you today!

1. We've been hearing about the Amazon being on fire, but it turns out that Amazonian fires are an annual thing. It's worse this year, but it was almost this bad a few years ago. This article has several useful graphs to put the current crisis in perspective. But, still, the Amazon burning is bad and we should do something about it. Panic is not the correct response, though.

2. Our president says that doctors came out of operating rooms to see him when he visited hospitals in El Paso and Dayton. No, they didn't. That doesn't happen. Surgeons stay and do their work, even if the president is in the next room.

3. Here's a sympathetic look at a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Appalachia. They don't see a lot of abortion-minded clients, but they try to help women and their partners who are in a rough spot with a pregnancy.

4. Excellent piece on Elizabeth Warren by a reporter who has spent part of this summer with her. Warren looks to be a very viable candidate.

5. Evangelicals are the most likely group of people to adopt. What happens when their kids come out as LGBTQ? It can be a rough road to walk.

6. There is a certain irony to conservative Christians opposing most immigration, particularly from Latin America. You see, most Latin Americans are Christian.

What interesting things have you found? Do share!


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