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Friday Finds - August 16, 2019

Guess what! I'm doing Friday Finds actually on Friday! Here we go!

1. Evangelicals who support Trump are upset with his cursing. They aren't upset about caging kids or his racism, but using the Lord's name in vain is their limit.

2. The New Independent Fundamental Baptists, a new group of churches that are spewing hate in small churches and on YouTube.

3. John Fea has an excellent review on the Netflix series "The Family".

4. What happens when a medical abortion fails or is incomplete? This woman's perspective is from the UK, so the administrative details are different than in the US.

5. Russia did admit that radioactive materials were involved in the explosion near the White Sea.

6. A Salvadoran woman is facing trial for homicide in which she claims that she didn't know she was pregnant and delivered a preterm child. The government claims that she had an abortion.

What fun things have you found around the internet lately? Do share!


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