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Friday Finds - July 26, 2019

It's Friday! Let's see what is out there on the internet!

1. You want to read the Mueller report, but you can't get through 400+ pages of legal-ese? Don't worry! The LawFare Blog has dramatized, yes, dramatized, the Mueller report into a podcast. You can find the intro here. So far, they've released two episodes and they are much more comprehensible than the actual report. Trust me.

2. This is entertaining, but also a bit concerning. The Trump administration's A/V team did not catch that a fake Presidential Seal was projected up behind him during a speech this week. Yikes!

3. With abortion access becoming more scarce, more women are looking to get medical abortion by mail. One website ranks the "abortion pills by mail" sites. Here is the site that is most highly rated. It is basically an online medical consultation with a European physician. There are problems with the whole idea, not the least of which is the morality of abortion itself. However, medical abortion is quite safe for the mother, with no more side effects than a miscarriage. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

4. A former Liberty University student newspaper editor writes about the university's "culture of fear" under Jerry Falwell, Jr.

5. Texas Monthly has a nice piece on Robert Jeffress, the pastor at FBC Dallas who is the primary "court evangelical" for President Trump. It's worth your while to read.

What have you come across lately? I'd love to read it!


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