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Swept the Basement

Managing chronic migraine is always a challenge. Between the pain and chronic fatigue, it's just hard to get things done. And, since I love productivity so much, I value getting stuff done!

Things have been worse over the last few months, so a few weeks ago, my headache specialist gave me occipital nerve blocks and a steroid taper. That helped temporarily, but things are back to being problematic. My baseline headaches are worse than they were a year ago and my migraines are more frequent than they used to be.

I don't mind being physically inactive. I'm happy to read or knit, although my body minds it and reminds me about it when I try to get back to my exercise regimen. But, I know that inactivity is not good for me!! Besides, there's that whole productivity thing!

So, today, even though I felt pretty bad, I did my usual stuff of getting the laundry going and keeping the kitchen clean. But, I also decided to do one small extra thing. I want to clean the basement this summer, but it's a big job. I decided to start small today and just sweep the area where we used to keep the cat boxes. Now that is done and I can quit thinking about it. Tomorrow, I'll sweep another area. When I'm feeling well, I can finish the sweeping and start vacuuming the cobwebs. Eventually, I'll get it done.

If you have a chronic illness, how do you manage getting things done around the house? How do you get exercise?


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