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A Blog Hijacking

finally! i managed to get onto my human's blog! this is a plea for help!!!!

you don't know how these humans torture me and my sister. well, half-sister. rory was here a year before I got here. they tell me that we have the same mother and came from the same farm. whatever. rory seems to be a decent enough cat, although she loves the humans more than i would like.

we were doing ok until this week. the humans fed us, leaving food out for us all the time. we have "toys" to play with and things to climb. occasionally, they would do something offensive like trim my claws. i'm a cat, for heaven's sake! i need claws!

but this week was the final straw. one day, the female human trapped me and rory in boxes. i showed her, though. i got out of my box and hid in the basement. she took rory to a scary place where nothing really happened. i'm not sure what that was all about.

now the humans have gotten this notion in their heads that they only want to feed us a couple of times a day. they pick up our bowls after we've had only an hour to eat! what new devilishness is this? i've been showing my displeasure by getting into her face and staring at her. strangely, she doesn't seem to mind. she pets me!

by yesterday, rory seemed to have gotten used to this and wasn't upset anymore. the fool. i will not submit. no. i will continue to remind the humans that i am a cat. i am in charge. i will eat on my schedule!

here comes the human. i need to sign off. someone save us. . . .

rhapsody, the cat

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