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Vignette from a Migraine Life

"You do realize that it's hard to keep up with what day you're on," said my husband. "You mean, if it's a migraine day or a clean day?" I asked.

5 minutes later.

"Oh, so your Diet Coke was in this box." My husband.

"Yes." Me.

"And you just left the box here on the floor." My husband.

"Oh, no! I'm going to take it garage!" Me, realizing that it's a clean day and that I left an empty Amazon box in the middle of the hallway floor.

What you have to understand about me is that I have an inner neat freak. If it was up to me, all surfaces would be dusted all the time; everything would be neat; the kitchen would be always clean; and the floors would always be freshly vacuumed and mopped. As it is, I have chronic migraine and my days are split between being days when I make sure the house is clean (it's never clean enough for me) and days when I have a migraine or a migraine hangover or some other physical ailment like fibromyalgia, etc.

So, we have exchanges like the two above. Life is so complicated.


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