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Lagniappe Links May 15, 2018

Here are some cool things I've found this week around the internet.

* Here is an interesting series of short videos introducing how human evolution may have worked. It's done from the perspective of a Christian. Very highly recommended!

* What kind of diet did the Knights Templar follow to stay in fighting shape?

* Have you ever seen a merperson? Between 1610 and 1784, there were several sightings by Europeans. Check it out.

* This missionary couple in South Korea works for reunification between the North and the South.

* Digital photocopiers have hard drives. Which means that discarded digital photocopiers have secrets. Read all about it.

* The last stagecoach tavern of the Wild West is still open for business in Santa Barbara, CA.

What interesting things have you found around the web this week?


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