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Ramblings April 19, 2018

What's been going on around here?

* SNOW!!! So much snow! It started last Friday night and didn't end till early Monday morning. We got about 20 something inches. There are huge piles and drifts around our house and around town.

* With the temperatures climbing to the 50s and snow drifts several feet high, we are surely entering the Season of Mud! It's the time when the entryway is perpetually dirty and muddy, shoes are messy, and I can't mop fast enough.

* Despite the keto diet, I've had headaches this week. What should I expect, though, when Mother Nature is clearly off her meds?!

* I stopped to get gas today and had the front door of the car very close to where the water was dripping off the roof. I thought I was far enough away to not get wet. As I was getting back in the car, the pouring water changed it's angle and poured down my back! Freezing water will surely wake you up!!

* So, I went through self-checkout at the grocery store today like a boss! Until the very end. When I was ready to pay, the screen suddenly said that an attendant was on the way to help with no explanation of why. When the attendant did come, he just swiped his card and let me finish. Huh?

* And then, when I got my groceries put in the trunk, I couldn't unlock the front door of my car. This has happened before and I have a key fob at the car dealership waiting for me to take the car there so they can program it. Unfortunately, life intervened, and I haven't made the trek to Appleton to get it taken care of. The key finally worked, which was really good because I couldn't figure out how to get the manual key out.

* Sunshine! We had sunshine around here today! I walked to breakfast with a friend and then walked to the library. It was lovely to be outside!

* And with all this sun comes sun exposure and the risk of skin cancer! My dermatologist will be happy to know that I'm using facial cream with SPF 30 under my makeup. And when it warms up, I'll be putting sunscreen on my arms. Fun!

* Naturally, when I got home from Georgia, one of my first stops was the library. I have a very large stack of books that I've started reading. I'm a happy girl. Reviews of selected books coming. Otherwise, check out my Goodreads account.

How has your week been?


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