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Lagniappe Links April 10, 2018

Here are some interesting links I've found this week. Enjoy!!

A musician had deep brain surgery to calm a severe tremor. The surgeon had her play her flute during the procedure to make sure he was stimulating the right part of the brain!

Back in the 1800s, England stole priceless treasures from Ethiopia (Abyssinia at the time). Ethiopia wants them back and England says they they can have them back - on loan!

The truth about Mary Magdalene - she wasn't a prostitute and she was the first "preacher" since she told the 12 disciples about the Resurrection!

The joys of living in the Upper Midwest! Ice shoved itself completely inside this cabin on the shore of Green Bay! No one was hurt since the cabin was empty.

"Moving Air Continues to Vex the President". Just a little satire for your day.

Ohio is set to pass new gun laws recommended by a panel that was convened after last year's Las Vegas shooting.

What's this all about? DHS is compiling a database of all members of the media. Why? What will they do with the information?

A man is alleging that Paul Pressler, a former appellate justice and former leader of the Southern Baptist Convention, has been sexually harassing him for 35 years and he claims that he has multiple corroborating witnesses.



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