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Ramblings April 6 2018

* One more week here in Georgia. I love being here with my parents and aunt and I am glad that I have been of use, but I really miss my husband and kids. Time to get back to Wisconsin.

* My parents practically have an aviary outside their breakfast nook window! They have 11 bird feeders ranging from hummingbird feeders to finch feeders to suet feeders to black oil sunflower seed feeders. Mom can identify almost all the birds that visit - finches, sparrows, doves, and wood peckers.

* Of course, being in a wooded area, Mom and Dad also have squirrels, a fact that doesn't make Mom happy because the squirrels eat the bird seed that she spreads on the ground. How does she deal with said squirrels? Like any good Southerner. She shoots them. She has a BB gun from my childhood that she shoots pellets from. So far, she has managed to injure one enough that he's been named "Short-tail"! My aunt is distressed by the thought of the squirrels being killed, so Mom only shoots them when my aunt isn't around. And the gun is so old that the aim is terrible. I want her to get an AirSoft gun when she replaces it, but she wants something more lethal. Sigh.

* I learned to drive in West Palm Beach, FL so I'm pretty confident in city driving. Driving in the Atlanta suburbs, though? Not so much! These people are crazy!! One reason I'll be glad to get back to rural Wisconsin where we share the roads with farm equipment!

* One benefit of the keto diet is weight loss. So far, I'm down 32 pounds, more than 5 of them since I got here to Georgia. That means that most of the clothes I brought with me are too big. I've had to go shopping to get new clothes. And, today, I had to get an additional suitcase since my original one was already quite full!

* Mom saw her surgeon today and found out that the final pathology on everything was negative!! Next, on to radiation therapy!

* Mom and I love to watch Project Runway. Tonight was the final of this season's Project Runway All-Stars and Anthony won!! (I hope that wasn't a spoiler for anyone.) It's been a lot of fun to watch the last several episodes of the show with Mom while I've been down here.

* There's nothing on the schedule for tomorrow, so it's probably going to be Mom's "play in the dirt" day. We could call it gardening, but, really, she just likes to get her hands dirty like a little kid.

That's what's up in my corner of the world. How's life with you?


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