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Lagniappe Links April 3, 2018

I thought I'd post a few interesting links with commentary here every week or so. After collecting links for about five days, I have enough to keep you reading till next Easter!! I'll pare them down to the most interesting.

* Learning to spot fake news from an expert. Read this before you forward that next news bit or meme.

* Washington Post staffers didn't recognize a familiar Old Testament reference in a speech from Benjamin Netanyahu, causing great embarrassment, and reminding us of the importance of knowing the great works of the Western Canon, including and specifically, the Bible!

* One reason it's so hard to deal with mass shootings: We can't always figure out a motive.

* Frightening. This Nuclear Weapons Simulator will show you the estimated destruction of various types of atomic bombs in or over your city.

* The world's largest dinosaur track was just found in Scotland. It was a plant-eating sauropod.

* 2 John was written to the leader of a house church, a woman, "the elect lady."

* Our president and his friends have been using his presidential term as a money-making opportunity, in clear violation of the Constitution.

Feel free to comment on anything you find interesting or add your own links. The internet is a big place!!


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